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10 Challenges We’d Like to See on Top Chef Seattle

Starbucks, Pike Place Market, Canlis, and Modernist Cuisine are a given. Here’s how we think it should be done.

By Allecia Vermillion June 29, 2012

Your challenge: try to actually make a recipe from Modernist Cuisine. Seriously, any recipe. I dare you. Season nine photo via Bravo.

Now that filming has begun, Top Chef Seattle producers are no doubt busy setting up oyster-shucking showdowns, salmon cookoffs, and whatnot to follow up on yesterday’s session at FareStart. Nosh reader Buster requested a list of challenges we would like to see on the show. Buster, we are a full-service outfit around here; your request is our command (the lovely Rebekah Denn over at the Seattle Times shared a few of her ideas this week as well).

Here, 10 challenges we think would make for a bang-up season of Top Chef Seattle.

1. Puzzle savants Mark and Brian Canlis devise an elaborate treasure hunt that sends chefs all around the city, though the final clue is hidden in Tom Colicchio’s soul patch.

2. After participating in the inevitable fish-tossing photo op at Pike Place Market, chefs must devise a dish using only fish they dropped on the floor.

3. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz challenges the chefs to concoct a Seattle-to-the-core espresso drink. After being presented with an array of crowdpleasing creations, Schultz says he’s no longer really interested in the drink and sells it to a coffee company in Oklahoma City. The drink goes to the NBA finals.

4. Impress Modernist Cuisine author Nathan Myrhvold by recreating his signature pea butter using a crude centrifuge devised out of a paper clip, recumbent bicycle, and an empty Rainier can. The pea butter mysteriously goes missing. Scandal ensues.

5. A Diet Coke-sponsored QuickFire, in which chefs each get two minutes at Pagliacci’s fancy Coke Freestyle machine to concoct their own diet soft drink combo. Diet Coke pitchman Tom Colicchio will, of course, be the judge.

6. Geoduck food truck (bonus drinking game: take a shot every time someone implies that geoducks look like phalluses).

7. Make a drink with vodka that does not earn the withering scorn of Canon barman Jamie Boudreau.

8. Lower the bar from last season’s frigid Canadian gondola challenge and have chefs whip up a meal on the Monorail.

9. In lieu of Restaurant Wars, all the chefs de cuisine at Tom Douglas and Ethan Stowell restaurants make contestants choose a side, then commence a back-alley meetup for some bare-knuckled fisticuffs.

10. Meet Lou Kohl.

Got a suggested challenge? Let’s hear it (well, read it) in the comments. And thanks to Kelly and Frank for the inspiration.

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