Adria Shimada of Parfait.

Another sign summer is nigh: Parfait is back at it after parking for the winter.

Through the month of May Adria Shimada’s mobile—one of Seattle’s standout trucks —can be found near Victrola on Capitol Hill on Friday evenings; Saturday it’s outside the Caffe Fiore at NW 85th St and 32nd Ave NW. Shimada is also eyeing a spot at the new Caffe Fiore in West Seattle, located at 2206 California Ave, for a Wednesday stint.

In June she’ll tag on a few more locales, including the Thursday night Queen Anne Farmers Market and the Mercer Island market, which takes place on Sundays.

Shimada’s signature from-scratch pints will of course be in tow, but new this year—humina humina—are the brownie sandwiches. Rather than use cookies to mold the treats (they get too soggy for Shimada’s tastes, a syndrome known to beset many ice cream ’wiches), Shimada is making hers with thin fudge wedges, about half the thickness of your regular brownie, she says. Look for those in June.