WISErg’s harvester fertilizer planted outside PCC.

In an attempt to stop “problem street drunks,” some bodegas and corner stores have complied with requests from the mayor’s office and have stopped selling fortified beer and wine between 6am and 1pm, according to Seattle PI.

The Broadway Business Owners Association hosts the inaugural Bite on Broadway and Music Walk this Sunday, May 20 from 3–7. Local musicians will play ditties for the crowds, while participating restaurants (including Blue Moon, Mod Pizza, and Five Fish Bistro) will serve up $3 bites.

Tell us something we don’t already know. According to Men’s Fitness, Zig Zag Cafe is one of the top 25 bars in the country.

Slog speculates what Governor Chris Gregoire and writer Thomas Friedman talked about over lunch at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. We’re more curious what they had to eat.

What a bust. Seattle PI reports 481 pot plants were found in the basement of My Canh after an electrical fire.

PCC Natural Market has partnered with local clean tech company WISErg to repurpose food waste into an organic liquid fertilizer called WISErganic. WISErganic is now available for purchase at any of the participating grocery stores, and prices are competitive with petroleum-based fertilizer.

Maison Lillet, vintner of Bordeaux, has released his newest product in 50 years: Lillet Rose. The highly in-demand spirit, however, is highly unavailable in Seattle and will remain so until after liquor store privatization has taken full effect. You’ll have to celebrate National Aperitif Day (the 17th), an occasion declared by Maison Lillet himself, with the more traditional Lillet Blanc or Lillet Rouge.