Molly Moon’s Capitol Hill Expansion Plans Postponed

But a collaboration with Beecher’s is in the works.

By Christopher Werner May 9, 2012

Mix this with Molly Moon’s and you’ve got yourself a whopping dose of dairy.

Molly Moon Neitzel is tabling her expansion plans on Capitol Hill. In February Neitzel acquired the storefront left vacant by kid clothier Flora and Henri with the hopes of beefing up the kitchen of her neighboring Pine Street ice cream shop.

Neitzel will retain the prime piece of real estate, namely for administrative purposes—at least for now. The end goal is still to turn it into an open work space where, for example, toppings and sauces are produced (yes, there are plans to retail those in the future), or freshly baked cookies for the Parker’s Praline sandwiches can cool. But Neitzel doesn’t envision that happening until the summer of 2013. Meantime, Neitzel will also likely host events in there, such as ice cream demos—something she’ll be doing a lot of in the coming weeks during her national book tour.

In related news, the confectioner has teamed up with another local dairy kingpin for a new flavor. Beecher’s Flagship will hit all Molly Moon’s locations on May 17. Pints can be purchased at the Beecher’s in Pike Place Market and the Seattle and Bellevue Pasta and Co stores. The ice cream will grace the dessert menu at Mercer Island restaurant Bennett’s as well.

As Neitzel herself suggested, a scoop would pair swimmingly with a piece of apple pie. Yum.

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