Hunger Closes May 12 to Prepare for its New Location

The restaurant will return around the fourth week of May…with a mysterious and impressive new "special player."

By Allecia Vermillion May 4, 2012

“It’s amazing how accurate the rendering looks now,” says Brooks of plans for the restaurant’s new environs on a much-trafficked corner of Fremont.

The latest in Fremont restaurant relocation news: Hunger will serve its final dinner in its current, cozy digs on Saturday, May 12. Owners Brian Brooks and Jaime Mullins-Brooks are moving the neighborhood restaurant and its Mediterranean-hewed menu down the hill to the former Dad Watson’s location at 3601 Fremont Ave N. Brian Brooks estimates it will take a little more than a week after the original Hunger goes dark to get the new place ready for service—if the permitting gods are cooperative.

Hunger 2.0 will be about three times larger than the first space, and will also possess a 30-seat patio that should be prime real estate when the sun’s out (and certainly during Summer Solstice in June). Brooks sounds positively giddy about the new location, but he also dropped an intriguing hint about someone who’s joining Hunger’s ranks.

“We did acquire a very special player for our team,” says Brooks. He confirmed he was talking about a new staff member, and not a drink-mixing robot or live goat mascot. “He’s new to the scene here, but he has definitely cut his teeth with the best in the country.”

Any guesses?

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