Poppy Debuts Masala Monday May 7

Jerry Traunfeld is cooking classic Indian dishes for one night only. But if you like it, he’ll do it again.

By Allecia Vermillion April 25, 2012

On Masala Monday, the thalis will be traditionally Indian, rather than India-inspired. Photo via Poppy.

The latest restaurant to get in on the Monday night special menu action? That would be Poppy. On May 7, chef-owner Jerry Traunfeld and his kitchen take a one-night hiatus from his Indian-inspired thali platters do cook actual Indian food.

Traunfeld says he often cooks Indian fare at home (no surprise there), particularly dishes from cookbook authors like Julie Sahni, Suvir Saran, My Bombay Kitchen author Niloufer Ichaporia King, and actress-turned-cookbook scribe Madhur Jaffrey. The one-night menu will include some favorites from these books, represent different regions of India, and essentially be the standout Indian restaurant Traunfeld wishes he could find in Seattle.

“My kitchen is set up for it, with the tandoor and the thalis, and I think it would inspire my cooks,” says Traunfeld. Fans of Poppy, and Indian food in general, are likely to be excited about it as well. If the May 7 evening is a success, Traunfeld plans to do more of them.

The night’s menu is still taking shape, but Traunfeld is planning both regular and vegetarian thalis, each with 12 items, and each for $25 (it’s a single-person platter). The kitchen will also offer some starters and desserts. Call the restaurant for more details.

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