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Coming Soon: Urban Nomad Food Truck

A set of wheels serving pasta of all the stripes.

By Christopher Werner April 18, 2012

Urban Nomad, pasta mobile. Photo courtesy Bruce Pinkerton.

You know food trucks are a bona fide big deal when restaurateurs are getting in the game. Renee Erickson (Boat Street Cafe, Walrus and the Carpenter) is doing it, and so is Bruce Pinkerton.

Pinkerton calls his mortar-to-mobile track “reverse engineering.” The truck he and business partner Barry Baxter are launching is an extension of their brick-and-mortar on Elliott Avenue, Urban Cafe. The set of wheels they’ve fittingly deemed Urban Nomad.

The concept for the truck is pasta—a foodstuff that many a restaurant is built on but has remained relatively unseen in the mobile realm. Expect a couple of staples alongside rotating specials: There is a “vast amount of options we can take,” says Pinkerton of the menu. Daily offerings will include at least one gluten-free option, and Pinkerton, who will oversee things at the cafe while Baxter mans the truck, predicts the pasta will allow for all sorts of seasonal accoutrements. All of this will be displayed on a 42-inch flat screen.

Pinkerton says Urban Nomad is a couple weeks out from debuting. Once it does, the truck is scheduled to serve Fremont, the Starbucks HQ, South Lake Union (twice), and maybe Capitol Hill and SoDo again.

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