The Charlie’s burger mobile. Photo via Facebook.

Veronica Weaver is a name that’s appeared on Nosh a lot lately. The Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff owner is planting a concession stand on Green Lake and this summer she’ll open a restaurant on Delridge Way. It’s about time we got to know the Seattle native, yeah?

She’s been here for 31 years “and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.” After working seven years in sales, she launched a gourmet sausage cart, Charlie’s Dog House, named for her Yorkshire Terrier (apparently somewhat of a burger snob, see below). “Through the success of that business I expanded into what I always wanted to do, burgers.”

Here, Weaver pulls over for a few questions.

What item sells out first? To my surprise, our cheesesteak sandwiches: steak or chicken with grilled onions, mushrooms, and provolone cheese on a soft Italian roll. Since we introduced them to the menu in the summer, we can’t keep them on the truck.

What else should I try? The onion ring burger. It’s made with apple-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, two onion rings, and topped with barbecue sauce. The combination of a beef patty with beer battered onion rings and bacon is too good to pass up.

Where do your recipes come from? A lot of trial and error. I spend a lot of time researching recipes and making them into my own. Having friends and family tasting different combinations and finding out what they would like to see on the menu. This process usually takes a few weeks. Plus, Charlie (my Yorkshire Terrier) also has to approve all of the recipes as well. If he doesn’t like them, they do not go on the menu.

What item will you never reveal the recipe for? The complete ingredient combination for our hamburger patties.

When I’m not in my truck you can find me eating at… My favorite Thai restaurant in West Seattle, Buddha Ruksa, and for dessert at either Yogurtland or Menchie’s. I love DIY yogurt.