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Here Comes Another Food Truck: Off the Rez Hits the Road

Find the truck in SLU, Fremont, and serving late-night grub on Capitol Hill.

By Christopher Werner February 3, 2012

Off the Rez, ready to roll. Photo courtesy Off the Rez.

The street food news has been flying lately, and look, here’s more.

Co-owner Mark McConnell says he’s rolling out Off the Rez for a “soft opening” on Saturday, February 4. The truck, known to elicit some lively discussion, is parking outside Big Mario’s and Caffe Vita from 10pm till bar time.

After this weekend McConnell and chef Donovan MacInnis are headed for Boren and Harrison on Wednesdays from 11 to 2 and Evo on Thursdays, same times. As for the possibility of more midnight stints, McConnell says, “We’re going to try doing Vita late night every week and see how that goes.”

The arrival of the Rez is exciting, and not solely because the Indian tacos and frybreads promise to be excellent drunk food: The Native American-inspired truck is the first of its kind here and ensures the hard-to-find cuisine—absent even at brick and mortars—is readily available.

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