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Parfait Ice Cream Goes Regional

The dessert truck will soon ship pints all over the Northwest.

By Christopher Werner January 9, 2012

Be happy, Northwesterners: Parfait is launching regional delivery. Photo courtesy Parfait.

The brand building continues for Parfait, roving purveyor of seriously delicious ice cream. Adria Shimada says she’s implementing a delivery service that’ll reach all corners of the PNW.

“We are launching the mail order at a regional level so we’ll be able to send our pints to places as far away as San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Boise, Missoula, and Salt Lake City.” Also on offer are jars of Shimada’s dessert sauces, pictured here.

Shimada says this development is a “natural continuation” of the home delivery she started locally about a year ago. Like that service, far-flung orders can be placed on the Parfait website. Look for regional haulage to get underway by the end of the month, and check back soon for a hard date.

UPDATE 1/10: Shimada will have a dozen flavors, including season ones, available to ship at any given time.

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