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An Air Date for the Seattle Episode of Drinking Made Easy

Zane Lamprey’s booze-fueled pit stop premieres on February 8.

By Christopher Werner January 24, 2012

A Seattle episode of Drinking Made Easy with Zane Lamprey airs February 8. Photo:

February 6 is the start of Seattle On TV Week, apparently. That night, Andrew Zimmern’s Seattle-centric Bizarre Foods episode airs. Two evenings later the local drinky scene gets its turn with Drinking Made Easy, HDNet’s cross-country bar crawl.

Host Zane Lamprey shot here in August. Locals offered him plenty of suggestions as to where he should visit. Though Lamprey didn’t fit them all in, the episode does incorporate quite a few local characters. Among them: Charles Finkel of Pike Brewing Company; Cale Green of Sun Liquor Distillery (no Erik Chapman?); Keith Waldbauer at Liberty (where, it must be said, Seattle Met gets a plug); and Anu Aptu of Rob Roy, who takes the opportunity to flex her mad ice carving skills.

Not surprisingly, Zig Zag garners considerable screen time, and Chris Nishiwaki, omnipresent votary of the local food and drink scene, scores a cameo. That said, the episode doesn’t offer anything entirely new for Seattle boozers, but if nothing else it’s a fun reminder we live in a damn fine drinking city.

Drinking Made Easy is scheduled to air on HDNet on February 8 at 8pm ET.

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