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Reuben’s Brews Plans Taproom, Microbrewery for Ballard

Yet another local brewer north of Ship Canal, this one family friendly.

By Christopher Werner December 7, 2011

Adam Robbings of Reuben’s Brews, destined for NW 53rd Street. Photo courtesy

Ballard is becoming ground zero for craft beermen. The latest to enter the fray is husband-wife team Adam and Grace Robbings. They just signed a lease at 1406 NW 53rd Street, and in June 2012 plan to open Reuben’s Brews.

The microbrewery and taproom will showcase Adam’s impressive repertoire of decorated ales. Drinkers will find six seasonal potables, which will rotate monthly from an arsenal of forty, and possibly one guest tap "to complement what we have," according to the Brit. You will also be able to fill growlers, to enjoy there or elsewhere.

In his years of home brewing Adam’s handiwork has included pumpkin suds with molasses and bourbon, a porter and a kolsch, an old-style ale, and a German rye, to name a few. "Most of my beers tend to have rye," Adam explains before rattling off several more examples, among them the Roasted Rye PA that took the People’s Choice award in the 2010 PNA Winter Beer Taste. (Reuben’s was one of two home brewers allowed to enter.)

Though the Robbins plan to bottle their brews next fall, Adam is dubious of further expansion plans. "I want to stay close to the customer," something he feels kegging and distribution would only complicate.

As parents of a two-year-old (the operation is named for their son, who as a babe "gave" Adam the home-brewing kit that kick-started his trade) the Robbings say Reuben’s will welcome fellow families. Adam may even conjure up an ale (ginger, of course) just for kids.

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