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Off the Rez, Seattle’s Newest Food Truck

The city gets its first mobile outfit serving Native American eats.

By Christopher Werner December 6, 2011

A first for Seattle: Native American eats served curbside. Photo courtesy Off the Rez.

Food trucks serve many purposes. They’re go-tos for a quick tasty lunch, start-up vehicles for cash-strapped cooks, a foundation for brand building. And some, like Off the Rez, fill the holes in the local dining scene.

The outfit of Mark McConnell and Cecilia Rikard, with Portalis sous Donovan Macinnis helming the kitchen, Off the Rez is inspired by Native American food—a cuisine long absent from menus here. McConnell grew up in Ballard on the Indian tacos and frybreads the truck will serve upon its debut in two weeks (give or take).

McConnell says he originally endeavored to open a restaurant but in January opted to pursue a mobile operation. He purchased the truck in April, and a buddy who builds custom motorcycles helped deck it out. A mural of a chief in a war bonnet wraps around one side. Flanking the back is a fellow smoking out of a peace pipe, a scene of Seattle behind him.

Off the Rez will hit all corners of the city. Possible stops include South Lake Union, Thursdays in front of Evo, Saturday mornings on 35th Avenue in Wedgwood, and late nights on Pike Street.

Vittles like pulled pork smoked for ten hours, a bacon burger, and those frybreads and tacos, slathered in homemade jam or chicken chili verde, should prove a welcome way to soak up an evening’s intemperance.

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