Golden Beetle has a new passed-platter menu.

Chef and sometimes bartender Maria Hines is launching an uber trendy family style dinner option at Golden Beetle. The Ballard restaurant will run a special nightly menu Sunday through Thursday that costs $29 a person.

The entire table doesn’t have to sign on for the family style meal, where food is served on large platters and passed around the table, but you do need at least two diners to participate. The current menu includes beef kefta meatballs in tomato sauce on Sundays, mushroom-pinenut ravioli in yogurt sauce on Mondays, braised duck and matzo ball soup on Tuesdays, seafood stew with saffron on Wednesdays and chicken kebabs from the wood oven on Thursdays. Each meal includes an ever-changing array of starters, sides, and a dessert.

Lately family style meals seem about as omnipresent in Seattle restaurants as pork belly, small plates, and those old timey Edison light bulbs. This particular trend, however, helps restaurants fill seats on otherwise quiet nights, and is usually a great value for diners.

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