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First Look: Macleod’s Scottish Pub

The scotch and cocktail destination opens December 21 on the southern end of Ballard Ave.

By Christopher Werner December 20, 2011


James Weimann and Deming Maclise, owners of the king-sized Bastille and Poquitos, will open the notably intimate Macleod’s Scottish Pub on Wednesday, December 21.

The whiskey den will house 50, maybe more, varieties of the peaty stuff to start, says Rich Fox, who heads the bar program; the emphasis is on single malt scotches. Expect that number to grow to as many as 150 by the time Macleod’s first anniversary rolls around, adds Weimann.

The cocktail bill is split between classics and scotch-based creations. (Of particular intrigue is the Atholl Brose, made with Glenffidich, honey syrup, cream, cinnamon, and an oatmeal brose that’s “like Mother’s Milk.”) While Fox recognizes Macleod’s may be many bargoers’ first run with scotch, he is confident they’ll embrace the spirit. To wit: years ago people drank mainly vodka or gin, now they guzzle ryes and bourbons like there’s no tomorrow.

“People are looking to be exposed to more, to be more adventurous. For scotch the timing is perfect.”

The famously globe-trotting Weimann and Maclise spent nearly two weeks in Scotland researching the drinking culture there (rough gig) and acquiring design elements like the stained glass trim on the maple bar. Good friend and longtime collaborator Allen Macleod, an Edinburgh native and the guy who will be “the face of the pub,” joined them.

Of course Macleod’s takes over the space that was once (fleetingly) home to Harlow’s Saloon. To check out the nearly complete overhaul and to learn what else is in store, click through the slideshow.

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