Sun Liquor’s Hedge Trimmer gin: go forth and try it.

Before she departed for D.C., Sauced mama Jess Voelker snuck a sample of Sun Liquor ‘s gin, Hedge Trimmer. She described it thusly: "A nice floral nose… round-bodied and easy-going on the palate. If you eschew super junipery gins you’ll be happy, the juniper was surprisingly subtle."

Now you, too, can sip the house hooch and its compatriot, Sun Liquor Vodka. Over the weekend the original Sun on Summit Ave and the Pike Street distillery (where both are made) popped bottles of the booze.

Currently those are the only two spots pouring the spirits. Says bartender Chelsea Anderson: “We have not yet received our permit to sell bottles at both bars but that process is in the works. For now you will just have to let us do the mixing.” She added other Seattle bars aren’t yet stocking the Sun Liquor labels “but hopefully they will soon.” Those wishing to buoy their home bar can special order the spirits through Washington State liquor stores using order numbers #975506 (gin) and #975507 (vodka).

“We are producing more every day then selling it to the liquor control board, so once they have it it will be available for bars or anyone else to purchase.”

What’s the best way to taste Trimmer? If you’re at the Summit Sun, try it with a Pink Gin. If you’re on Pike, go with an Alaska. Those are on the bars’ respective new fall/winter menus.

And for the booze nerds: here’s some background on Hedge Trimmer and the tireless tweaking of its master distiller, Erik Chapman.

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