As part of Seattle Met’s Best Restaurants feature, we asked dozens of Seattle chefs and restaurateurs to give us their take on trends, customers, competition—pretty much everything under the restaurant sun. What we got was an earful of juicy insider insight. We’ll be posting some of the responses in the coming weeks.

Seattle boasts quite an Asian food scene (Need proof? Read about our best Asian restaurants here) so this may come as a no-brainer. When we asked chefs to name the ethnic eats Seattle does best, the top five responses were Eastern cuisines. Vietnamese proved the most common answer, followed by Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Korean. (Non-Asian mentions included Ethiopian, Italian, Scandinavian, and "new French," whatever that means.)

Said one respondent: "I eat more Asian food than I do any other cuisine. You can go high-end, low-end—across the board we have phenomenal Asian food." "I’ve traveled to Vietnam, up and down the country. I find that some of the pho [here] is really, really, really authentic," gushed another.

And to the toque who mourned, "Well certainly not Indian. I’ve yet to find any real good Indian places," we hear you.

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