Lee Scott of Snout and Co., eying up the courthouse.

In Truck Stop, we meet the folks at the wheel of Seattle’s food trucks.

It didn’t take long for Lee Scott to make a name for himself in the curbside community. Just a few weeks after the late August debut of his truck, Snout and Co., Scott was taking top titles at the Mobile Food Rodeo. Shortly after that he was filming with the Food Network show Eat St., where many a fan flocked to talk up his flavorful mojo pork.

That mojo pork is the type of grub Scott, a 15-year Seattle bar veteran, grew up on in Miami. “Food from the soul is what feeds the soul. Food should have a story. I love unlocking those recipes and sharing this food with people.” A lifelong cook, Scott years ago began honing his culinary game while working as a caterer, but it was in the fall of 2010 that things clicked. That’s when Scott decided to parlay his Cuban roots into a mobile business. “I wanted to cook food that I am passionate about—food with a bit of smoke and soul.”

Here, Scott pulls over for a few questions.

What item sells out first? The Cuban sandwich, followed by the barbecue pork and the Cuban bowl.

What else should I try? We have a cult following with our smoked serrano–black bean burger. It is a pretty insane mix with quinoa, water chestnuts, and beets.

If you could park anywhere in the city, where would it be? Definitely by the courthouse. That is the one area where people would gather and lean on the truck and forget about what’s going on inside the buildings and simply enjoy eating next to complete strangers. Seattle needs more of that, and is the exact reason I am doing what I’m doing.

Best part of the city relaxing street food regulations: Getting closer to an outdoor social dynamic. Food is a great way to make conversation happen. And bringing this food to different neighborhoods.

Any aspirations to expand or go brick-and-mortar? Having a truck with a kitchen dependent upon a generator and gas is crazy enough—you are either going to drop dead, go gray, or get off the truck eventually. I will always have a truck, but someday I want to drive away from my restaurant in it.

When you’re not in the truck you’re eating at… Ocho or La Isla

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