No Cochon 555 for Seattle

The annual ultimate pig-out bypasses the Emerald City in 2012, hits up Portland instead.

By Christopher Werner November 17, 2011

Tracy Smaciarz from Heritage Meats at the 2011 Seattle stop of Cochon 555.

Seattleites, like any gastro-centric people, love their pork, but next year they’ll have to do without the porcine equivalent of Christmas, Cochon 555.

Cochon 555 is a cross-country event in which five local chefs are tasked with turning a sizable heritage hog into an assortment of piggy treats. Guests sample the preparations while sipping pours from a quintet of local wineries. Judges then judge them. It’s a fun, delicious affair Seattle’s almost always a part of, so natch it was a suprise when the 2012 roster came out with no mention of us.

Cochon rep Lori Lefevre Wells says there’s no particular reason behind the snub, just that the tour tries to mix things up each year. "It’s always a tough decision when we rotate in new cities," she says. Memphis and Miami are those first-timers, and Portland is a pit stop once again after being bypassed in 2011, presumably because of the brawl that broke out there in 2010. But: "We love Seattle, it’s always been a big supporter of the tour," assured Lefevre Wells. "I’m very confident that we will get back there again."

Meantime, relive the gory days with this slideshow from last year’s Cochon 555.

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