Catch David Nelson at Tommy Gun this Friday.

David Nelson is currently running the show at Il Bistro in Pike Place Market, but before that he was mixing drinks at two Hill haunts: Still Liquor and Tavern Law. This Friday he’s hopping I-5 once again to get behind the stick at Tommy Gun.

The preternatural barman will guest at the Olive Way watering hole between 5 and 9. Will you be seeing his face there more often? “Gosh, I hope he’ll be back but we have don’t have anything formalized at this juncture,” says owner Erin Nestor. But she did add, “Frankly, we’d be delighted to host a guest bartender monthly.”

In other boozy Hill happenings, Cure is uncorking $12 bottles of cava on Sundays from 4 to 2am. Also for your sabbath consideration: two buck Tecates and half-price tequila shots at the aforementioned Tommy Gun starting at 5.

Oh, and fans of suds will want to block off November 12 for the Phinney Neighborhood Association Winter Beer Taste. It’s on Saturday, not Sunday.

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