Chef Blaine Wetzel

Photo by Jim Henkins via Willows Inn

Did everybody see this? On October 1, Wall Street Journal writer Katy McLaughlin wrote an article called "What’s the Next Big Restaurant?"

In it, she made predictions about which eateries were poised to follow in the footsteps of El Bulli, Noma, and Alinea to become the most celebrated restaurants in the world.

Among her picks: Lummi Island’s Willows Inn. McLaughlin describes how wunderkind chef Blaine Wetzel (who came to Lummi by way of Copenhagen resto Noma, named the best restaurant in the world by S. Pelligrino) obliges his five chefs to "spend roughly an hour daily foraging for wildflowers, berries, early spring shoots, grasses and ferns." She says ducks on the restaurant’s farm are "fed to Mr. Wetzel’s specifications, slaughtered at eight weeks and dry-aged in the barn." (Side note: Why has someone not made a Zoolander-type movie about farm-to-table trends in haute cuisine?)

And yet, reservations are not impossible to come by. "For now, that it." Wetzel told McLaughlin that a weeknight seating is usually attainable if booked two months in advance.

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