Chefs Sound Off on Seattle Restaurant Week

"It’s a necessary evil I hope to not be doing in a few years."

By Seattle Met Staff October 18, 2011

Restaurant Week and Dine Around Seattle stir up a mixed bag of emotions among local chefs. Photo courtesy Luc/Geoffrey Smith.

As part of Seattle Met ‘s Best Restaurants feature, we asked dozens of Seattle chefs and restaurateurs to give us their take on trends, customers, competition—pretty much everything under the restaurant sun. What we got was an earful of juicy insider insight. We’ll be posting some of the responses here in the coming weeks.

The bi-annual Seattle Restaurant Week got underway this past weekend and we’re already hearing rumblings. So what better time to present results from this question: Which best captures your feelings about Restaurant Week and Dine Around Seattle?

25 percent

Love ’em! "We get [customers] in the door, give them a good experience, and they come back."

25 percent

Loathe ’em "It’s dumbing down your food for people who don’t want to spend the money."

20 percent

Restaurant Week: yes, Dine Around: no "The 10 days of Restaurant Week don’t burn your staff out, but those month-long things are painful."

8 percent

Good for business, but grueling "It’s a necessary evil I hope to not be doing in a few years."

8 percent

Doesn’t ultimately increase business "Same with the coupons: It brings in people who are after a deal, and those are not your repeat customers."

8 percent

We can’t afford it "We’re a small restaurant with a small kitchen, and it’s hard to do things the way we want when we’re slammed."

4 percent

If we don’t do it, we have no business that week "You’re over a barrel."

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