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Meet Katsu Burger, a New Venture From Mashiko Owner and Sushi Chef Hajime Sato

On the menu at the softly opened Japanese sandwich spot: seaweed fries, green tea milkshakes, and fried pork cutlets on a bun.

By Brian Colella September 21, 2011

Katsu burger

Photo: Jessica Oyanagi (via Facebook)

If you’re familiar with tonkatsu, the panko-breaded fried pork cutlet from Japan, then you’re ready for what Mashiko owner Hajime Sato is serving up at Katsu Burger, his new restaurant in Georgetown opening officially on Monday, September 26th. (The soft opening is now).

A katsu burger is essentially a pork cutlet on a bun, that is unless you choose tofu, or chicken, or beef for your patty. All the meats are all-natural—no growth hormones, no antibiotics—in keeping with the sustainable theme at Sato’s sushi bar in West Seattle.

You can choose one of Katsu Burger’s premade options like the basic Tokyo Classic or the more ornate Godzilla Attack. The latter is a jalapeno-, pepper jack-, and spicy sauce-laden burger that Sato says has proven a best seller during the soft opening. Or you can build your own. Burgers come with cabbage instead of lettuce—cabbage being the traditional side dish for tonkatsu—and you can choose from a variety of sauces: original tonkatsu, teriyaki, and wasabi mayo among them. Fries come in seaweed and curry flavors. Katsu also offers panko-fried chicken nuggets known as Banzai Bites.

After 17 years as owner and sushi chef of Mashiko, Sato says he wanted to give people an accessible and fun restaurant where they could eat everyday, but he wanted it to be Japanese. Thus was Katsu Burger born.

Following the tradition of burger joints soaked in Americana, Sato has collected a fair share of burger memorabilia, but Japanese burger memorabilia, (Japanana?) to decorate the walls at the tiny 12-seat restaurant.

Katsu Burger is located in Georgetown at 6538 4th Ave S.

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