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Hilliard’s Beer Delays Opening Date

The all-cans-all-the-time Ballard brewery won’t open on the 17th as previously planned.

September 5, 2011

Hilliard’s Taproom, as of September 1.

Photo: Hilliard’s Beer

It seems that opening-day bumps are not the exclusive purview of restaurants and bars.

Hilliard’s Beer co-owner Adam Merkl wrote Sunday with the news that the opening of the new Ballard Brewery and taproom has been delayed "by at least another week," and that the party planned for Saturday, September 17 is not to be.

The reason? Merkl and brewer Ryan Hilliard fear they can’t package the beers in time for the 17th. "We felt like having the cans ready to go is important enough for the opening that we don’t want to cut it too close with [the cans] arriving and us having adequate training with our canning line," says Merkl.

When it opens, Hilliard’s is planning to offer its amber and saison-style beers in tallboy cans, and will do kegs of seasonal and specialty beers. Merkl says some of those keg-only brews are still being tweaked and are not quite ready for public scrutiny.

"We promise we’ll be open shortly with no more false starts," he wrote.

I’ll keep you updated.

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