West Seattle’s "Premier" Liquor Store Opens Today

Plus: A second fancy shop is planned for spring. But where will it go?

August 31, 2011

The tasting bar at the new West Seattle liquor store

Photo: WSLCB

In November, Washingtonians will once again vote on whether or not they want the state out of the liquor biz, meantime the Washington State Liquor Control Board is trying to attract upscale customers with its first premier store at 4513 California Avenue SW 4100 S.W. Alaska Street.

Fancy shops have always been part of the business plan, says Brian Smith, communications director at the LCB. The state recently granted the board the spending authorization to pursue the shop along with other conveniences to customers, including regular hours for all stores, online ordering (coming soon!), and a pilot program that allows 30 stores across the state to conduct spirit tastings.

The LCB chose West Seattle since the neighborhood buys lots of booze, according to Smith, and because of its "high median income." And Smith let slip that the LCB is planning to open a second premier shop later this spring, in an undisclosed urban area. "It could be Seattle proper, it could be elsewhere," says Smith.

The new store is about 45 percent larger than the average state-run shop, and will stock 2,000 "spirit products," including "super-premium" ($$$) items that have hitherto been available by special order only.

The first tasting will be held Friday, September 2 and will feature Fremont Mischief Vodka, Fremont Mischief Whiskey, and John Jacob Whiskey.

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