The Weekly Spread: Ancho and Molasses BBQ Sauce at Rub With Love Shack

Tom Douglas reveals the formula behind his most popular barbecue sauce.

By Saba Sulaiman August 11, 2011

“It’s spicy,” says Tom Douglas, succinctly summing up this three-kinds-of-pepper-enhanced sauce.

Photo: Tom Douglas Restaurants

Remember the Weekly Spread series? Yeah, it hasn’t so much been weekly. But if we call it the “Whenever-We-Can-Get-Around-To-It Spread” we might seem lazy. Anyway, the condiment coverage is back. Let’s get saucey.

The condiment in question Rub With Love’s Ancho and Molasses BBQ sauce, a rich, rusty-red concoction that packs a smoky-sweet punch.

Made by Rub With Love Shack’s owner Tom Douglas, who recently made his spice rubs and sauces available for purchase, just to compliment his—how many now?—oh yeah, twelve restaurant ventures. This man will one day rule the entire universe. Or at least the better part of downtown Seattle.

Local—and international—garnishing needs are met by producing 10,000 jars per three-month cycle. That’s a lot of sauce, not to mention beer: porter-style ale from Portland beer supplier Deschutes lends extra kick.

Made with molasses, ancho peppers, chipotle peppers, green chili peppers, porter style ale, brown sugar, tomato paste, vinegar, onions, black pepper, cumin, coriander and natural lemon crystals. The sauce is never strained, making it thick and creamy, with occasional bits of onion for crunch.

Available online and at select grocery stores around the country. You can also try it at the Rub With Love Shack by ordering the BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

Parting thought Tom recommends it with Rub With Love’s Pork Rub in a recipe he’s made available online. Or, he says, smoky beef brisket….We like it when he says “smoky beef brisket.”

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