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The Buildout Commences at Terra Plata

This is really happening.

By Christopher Werner August 3, 2011

It appears the soap opera that is Terra Plata really truly finally has mellowed out.

A brief recap: The Tamara Murphy restaurant anchoring Melrose Market was supposed to open over a year and a half ago. Disagreements over the triangular space (and whether it delivered on the promise of a separate dining room, to be exact) led to delays and a very public flare-up between Murphy and developers Liz Dunn and Scott Shapiro. Those two then called off the project. Murphy fired back. Then an also-public, multi-month legal battle followed. Murphy won the suit, though more negotiations were necessary. Throughout it all lingered an is-it-or-isn’t-it-happening haziness.

Pics posted on the restaurant’s Facebook and Twitter accounts suggest the agreement the parties met has stuck: Over the past two weeks construction workers have been busy building out the space. Pictured here are the bar and, below, the tabletops, made with cedar from the original Elliott Bay Book Company.

Terra Plata is projected to open in September.

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