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Brave Horse Tavern Debuts a New Brew

Try the American Brewing collab beginning at 4pm this afternoon.

August 16, 2011

Tonight: Brave Horse debuts a brown ale.


Beer nuts (by which I mean people who love beer, not salty snacks you eat alongside beer) might want to pop into the Brave Horse Tavern tonight. Tom Douglas’s bar is debuting a new dry-hopped brown ale made in collaboration with The American Brewing Company in Edmonds. It’s called Brave American Brown Ale.

According to Brave Horse’s marketing rep Amy Richardson, it was the tavern’s sous chef Warren Peterson—his coworkers call him the "beer czar"—who developed the ale with American Brewing’s Skip Madsen. Madsen is an inveterate brewer whose resume includes local enterprises Pike Brewing and Boundary Bay, according to this article I read by Washington Beer Blog’s Kendall Jones. Oh! Madsen has a nickname too. It’s "the wookie." (A lot of nicknames in the beer world, I’ve noticed.)

Peterson (the "beer czar") previously worked with another nearby brewery, Schooner Exact, to develop the Brave Horse’s first feature beer, a pale ale (the "pale ale") that will remain on the menu. And Richardson says the tavern is currently at work on yet another beer, a sour cherry brew made with fruit from Prosser Farm, the Prosser property owned by the Douglas family and run by Douglas’s wife Jackie Cross (I don’t know if she has a nickname).

The brown ale debuts this afternoon at 4pm, and Richardson says a special food item will be offered in honor of the occasion. It’s fried padron peppers with parmesan, apricot, and toast. That’s $8.

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