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KUOW’s Weekday Talks to Local Distillers

Plus! Head to Vito’s tonight to try special cocktails made with Sound Spirits’s Ebb and Flow gin.

August 19, 2011

Oola on Capitol Hill will open its doors within the next two weeks, according to owner Kirby-Kallas Lewis.

Photo: Oola via Facebook

Steven Stone (Sound Spirits in Interbay), Kirby Kallas–Lewis (Oola Distillery on Capitol Hill), and Keith Barnes (Bainbridge Organic Distillers) chatted with host Steve Scher—he of the abrupt interview style—during KUOW’s Weekday show today.

Check out the show to listen to the distillers talk about labeling and licensing woes, ingredient sourcing (apparently Washington-grown juniper does not taste good), day jobs, and the rest.

Oh and hey, here’s a shot of need-to-know local distillery news:

1. Tonight, Friday, September 19, Vito’s will be featuring cocktails made using Ebb and Flow gin from Sound Spirits. Says Justin Gerardy of Vito’s: “We will be serving an Opera (gin, Dubbonet, maraschino, orange bitters), and the poorly named, but delicious, Improved Turf Cocktail No. 1 (gin, dry vermouth, lime and house made grenadine). Lushy will be performing and we have Kristen Finstad (of the Hideout) guest bartending alongside Connor O’Brien and myself.”

2. Other Sound Spirits news (per an email to me from Steven Stone): “Next up, we’ll be making a small-batch aquavit. We’re in the final stages of bottle/label design. So, once that’s finalized and approved by the Fed, I can start production.”

3. Finally, Oola plans to open its doors in the next two weeks, Kirby Kallas-Lewis mentioned on the radio show.

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