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Cocktail Week is Coming to Seattle!

Mark those calendars, the imbibing extravaganza occurs this October.

August 22, 2011

Seattle Cocktail Week: It’s happening.

Until now, it has been with great envy and furious…something that we have watched Portland and other cities revel in their cocktail weeks.

There were parties, and seminars spiked with fine spirits, and distillery tours, and other forms of booze-infused, envy-worthy fun. Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Providence—Providence!—far and wide America’s alcohol-loving cities have enjoyed their gin-drenched week of unbridled merriment. But where was ours? When would we take to the streets to honor Seattle’s own carefully crafted concoctions? It seemed we’d been left behind, discarded then forgotten like so many wilted maraschinos, while all around us our countrymen clanked coupes in celebration of the glorious cocktail.

Now, finally, we can stop shaking our fists at the sky, because the waiting is over. That’s right, Seattle Cocktail Week has been locked in, people. It’s happening. Not only that, it’s happening the week before Portland’s.

Organized by the Washington State Bartenders Guild, Seattle Cocktail Week 2011 will begin October 13 and keep going through the 18th, according to the WSBG’s Andrew Friedman, who also owns Liberty on Capitol Hill.

Friedman said SCW will include neighborhood bar crawls, a massive closing bash at a not-yet-determined location (Volunteer Park is under consideration), and a bunch of other things. All of these things are being organized as I write this, so that’s all the details for now. But there will be more, so very much more.

Prepare yourself, oh bibulous masses of the Emerald City. The moment of glory is about to arrive.

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