A Surge in Late-Night Food on Capitol Hill

There’s a whole new pack pulling the night shift.

By Christopher Werner July 19, 2011

Pike Street Fish Fry, a late-night staple on Capitol Hill. Photo by Nick Feldman.

UPDATE 8/23: Li’l Woody’s late-night weekend hours are coming soon.

Seattle is notoriously bereft of late-night eats, but if any neighborhood is out to change that it’s Capitol Hill.

For years the Hill boasted a handful of weekend standbys—notably Dick’s, Tacos Gringos, Hot Mama’s, and Pike Street Fish Fry —but then arrived Rancho Bravo and Big Mario’s, and last fall, Homegrown in the Melrose Market and Glo’s pitched postparty menus.

Now comes another rev up, the grub more diverse than ever.

Mexican hot spot Poquitos and Jason Stratton’s Artusi keep their kitchens cooking until 1am. Eltana bakery has announced plans to launch a late-night window, and Skillet Diner has a till-2 happy hour in the works. Several blocks down 12th Avenue Ba Bar noodle shop (technically in the Central District) ups the ante with a 4am lights out. And when it opens later this month, Li’l Woody’s says burgers and shakes can be had up to 3am.

It should be interesting to see how that last guy fares. Homegrown, situated around the corner from Woody’s, pulled its late-night program in January (sadly taking its deep-fried Bluffernutter with it). “It’s mainly a location thing. When it’s this cold out, not as many people are down to walk as far for some steak frites and catfish hushpuppies,” co-owner Ben Friedman said at the time. He hinted the hours could return come summer, but are they?

Nah. “I don’t think it’s going to happen, as much as we love those recipes. We just weren’t trafficked enough at that time on that part of the Hill,” Friedman explained last week.

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