Slideshow: Inside Experience Music Project’s Pop Kitchen + Bar

Plus photos of the splurge-tastic food.

By Christopher Werner July 27, 2011


UPDATE 8/15: Slog reports Cameo McRoberts is no longer in the kitchen.

Just like the museum in which it resides, Pop Kitchen and Bar is a jolt to the senses. The colors are loud, the atmosphere space-age, and the aesthetic anything but the timbered trimmings our eyeballs know so well.

The food, too, is far from muted. Cameo McRoberts (formerly of Little Water Cantina on Eastlake) helms a deluxe Americana menu tricked out with splurgey flourishes. (Healthful ones will nonetheless find plenty of veg-heavy options.)

To get an eyeful of those dishes and for a look inside the just-opened restaurant, click through the sideshow.

All photos by photographer Lucas Anderson.

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