Street Eatin'

Damiana’s Blue Truck Special Debuts

The comfort food wagon parks downtown starting at 11:30.

By Christopher Werner July 27, 2011

The specialty at Damiana’s Blue Truck Special: “elevated comfort food.” Photo courtesy

As expected, today Damiana’s Blue Truck Special takes to the streets, a menu of haute comfort food in tow. Slinging the grub is Damiana Merryweather, you’ll find her and the four-wheeler (big, sapphire, can’t miss it) at Second and Pine from 11:30–1:30.

Talk of Damiana’s surfaced about a year ago when Merryweather threw a fundraiser dinner for her nascent enterprise. Since then the zonked owner (“the permitting process is incredibly exhausting,” she reports) has worked at Verve in Columbia City and St. Clouds in Madrona, and is inclined to keep doing so. Eventually the idea is to open her own neighborhood bar and restaurant.

Until that happens, Merryweather also is parking at Boren and Harrison on Fridays during lunch and on Sundays at SW Alaska Street and 35th Avenue SW starting at 11.

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