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Bigfood’s Mobile Oyster Grill

This sounds pretty rad.

By Christopher Werner July 13, 2011

Bigfood hopes to fire up its oyster grill sometime this summer. Photo courtesy Marx Food.

When I spoke with Matthew Pontious about his forthcoming mobile kitchen Bigfood, he hinted of another enterprise he and business partner Tyler Redman Rebman have up their sleeves: a barbecue trailer. The Bigfood truck would lug it around, and the duo would use the cart for grilling oysters. Sounds pretty rad.

The Caribbean-fusion four-wheeler is slated to hit the road soon—maybe even next week—but don’t expect BBQ bivalves right off the bat. As Pontious pointed out, oysters in a mobile setting present a bit of health code nightmare, and then there’s the whole novelty of the idea, so getting permits is an "uphill battle." Pontious did, however, sound hopeful that the trailer would happen sometime this summer.

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