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Run, Then Drink Wine

Need motivation to exercise? Will beautiful wine country and alcohol do?

June 20, 2011

Running: Reese does it. So can you.
Photo: Flynetpictures.com

People like to run in wine country, which makes sense. It tends to be beautiful there. I myself was once cajoled into running a race at a Virginia winery; the friend that pushed me into it picked me up at the crack of dawn then realized that she had forgotten her sneakers just as we were about to cross from the District of Columbia into our 12th most populous state. We turned around, picked up the sneaks, and wound up pulling up to the winery’s gravely parking lot just as the slowest of the racers were trotting in from between the vines.

Then we drank some wine.

And so, while I’ve never actually run one, I can attest to the fact that a race at a winery is a lovely thing, whether the ruddiness in your cheeks comes from an energizing jaunt through the grapes or one too many glugs of merlot.

Here are two winery races for your consideration:

On July 10, Fueled by Fine Wine is hosting a half marathon in the Dundee Hills AVA in Oregon. The organizers have taken the trouble to plot the race course for you, most of it is on dirt and gravel roads and through vineyards. Sounds amazing.

Nearer by and later in the summer is the Covey Run in Woodinville. It’s on August 20 at the Redhook Brewery. The race benefits Children’s Hospital and it’s a quick 5K, so there is plenty of time leftover to hang out at the brewery and gulp back whatever calories you lost on your jog. Life’s all about balance, after all. Isn’t it?

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