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Two Beers: Now in 12-Ounce Cans

The SoDo brewery debuts new packaging today.

By Jessica Voelker June 21, 2011

Can you handle this?

Photo courtesy: Two Beers Brewing

Back in 2009, I contacted Wallingford beer emporium Bottleworks to learn about the advantages of cans over bottles. As it turned out, cans cost less to fill and less to ship, and were of course highly portable—and we all know that outdoor folks tend to enjoy their microbrews. Aluminum cans are way more convenient than bottles to take into the woods or whatever.

In those days, Two Beers Brewing was just a teeny little micro headquartered in a storage space in Fremont. The beer wasn’t even available by the bottle until 2011. But today the brewery, now housed in a proper space in SoDo complete with tasting room, will intro a canned version of its Evolutionary IPA along with two summer seasonals: Panorama Wheat and Trailhead ISA (that stands for India Session Ale, meaning an IPA you can drink a lot of).

The cans will be in stores (Whole Foods, Central Markets) early next week. If you want to get crackin’ before that, head to the brewery on Thursday, June 23 for the release party.

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