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Sidetrack Distillery Opens Saturday

The tasting room will also be pouring on the Fourth.

By Jessica Voelker June 30, 2011

Freedom juice! Celebrate the fourth with berry liqueurs from Sidetrack Distillery in Kent.

I just got word from part-owner Linda Person that Sidetrack Distillery is finally ready to open its tasting room to the public.

Beginning July 2, you can visit the distillery’s tasting room at Lazy River Farms in Kent to sample and buy berry liqueurs made from the fruit that grows there. The Persons—Linda and her husband Larry—used to run the farm as a u-pick operation, and they encourage distillery visitors to picnic among the berry bushes. There are tables on the premises designed for such purposes.

Person says the tasting room will usually be open weekends only, but an exception is being made for the holiday. So if you’re still looking for something to do on Monday the Fourth of July, well, I think you should bring a picnic to the berry farm where there’s booze.

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