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Slideshow: Foodportunity at Palace Ballroom

Gorgeous grub and plenty of food folk at the networking event this Monday.

By Jessica Voelker June 14, 2011


Foodportunity is a networking event for food people—journalists, restaurateurs, PR individuals, etc. And as scary as that sounds, it’s remarkably fun. What helps distinguish Foodportunity is delicious bites from excellent restaurants (Nettletown, Emmer and Rye), local food producers (Stone-Buhr Flour), and grocers (Metropolitan Market). They bring food such as foie gras on a cracker (Chez Shea) and lamb meatballs with yogurt dipping sauce (Urbane).

And unlike at other tasting events, the venue and crowd size are such that you can actually eat the food, and actually chat with the chefs and purveyors, without being unceremoniously bumped and spilled upon by aggressive attendees. The foodportunists are there to get to know you, not decorate your favorite jacket with meatball grease.

Responsible for this event is one Keren Brown, who also goes by the monicker Frantic Foodie. Several times a year she holds Foodportunities in Seattle and Portland. It costs $25 to attend, and you will be expected to wear a name tag—we’re mingling, remember?—and asked to put your business card in a glass jar for prize-raffling purposes. These two activities may cause some buried memories of painful job and/or college fairs to burble to the surface, but persevere, my foodie friend. There’s a cash bar near the entrance that is well-stocked with networking juice.

As it turns out, most people you encounter will prove friendly and fun to talk to. And should some socially challenged Foodportunist pause to scrutinize your hastily Sharpeed name tag only to move on without so much as a smile, do not allow your feelings to be maimed. Instead, go hang out up front with the authors. Last night, Seattle scribes Kurt Timmermeister, Langdon Cook, and Amy Pennington were onhand to chat it up—a foodportunity no local gourmand should go without.

Here’s a slideshow from photographer Lucas Anderson.

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