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Rob Roy Punch Party Shaping Up to Be a Beast

Can you handle the truth? It’s for a good cause…

June 8, 2011

The punch party happens tonight at Rob Roy.

A party is a living thing.

It hatches inside someone’s brain and takes its first halting steps when that person shares the idea with another person. "Dude, let’s have a party."

Sometimes, it grows up to be a humble creature, with a few friends standing around smiling in each other’s faces, trying not to spill their martinis on one another. Other times, when nourished with the right amount of buzz, it matures into a monster—a massive, uncivilized beast. Stick around at a beast party and you may see someone swing from a chandelier, just like in the movies. (Speaking of movies, I think the ultimate cinematic beast party is the one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’d include a YouTube clip but the racist Mickey Rooney thing is too much to bear). Partying with the beast means saying "I love you man" to someone of whom you’re only vaguely fond, and neglecting to cringe at the epic party cliche you just created. Beast party attendees who abstain from alcohol will marvel at how they still somehow wound up cackling and stumbling and in possession of a collection of iPhone portraits featuring ruddy faces they can’t identify. The spirit of loose-letting is that infectious.

I could be (and often am) wrong, but I have a feeling that the punch party at Rob Roy tonight, June 8—a benefit for Charles Munat (read about him at the link above) that was organized by his brother—is going to be a beast.

This theory is based on the the following:

1. Tons of buzz and an aggressive Facebook campaign.

2. David Wondrich himself has contributed a punch recipe created just for this party. It’s called the Sassenach Punch. You will pay $20 at the door and then drink all you want.

3. The bar is raffling off rare booze and other prizes. You can buy tickets to win three bottles of Marteau Absinthe from local distiller Gwydion Stone, or Ebb and Flow Gin from Sound Spirits in Interbay, or a make-your-own-whiskey kit from Woodinville Whiskey, or a gift box from Maker’s Mark, or..more stuff. The proceeds go to Munat. (We all should have such friends, no?)

4. Hendrick’s is sponsoring.

So, punch party-goers: Are you afraid? Well, you should be afraid. You’re going straight into the belly of the beast.

I predict you’ll have a blast.

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