Afternoon Snack

Nosh Pit’s Afternoon Snack Break

We interrupt this workday to tantalize you with some delicious local treat. Today: DeLaurenti’s chocolate chip cookie.

By Christopher Werner June 22, 2011

Eat this now: a chocolate chip cookie made by DeLaurenti.

DeLaurenti did not take take top honors in Nosh Pit’s recent chocolate chip cookie taste test (those went to Volunteer Park Cafe), but hands down D’s submissions boasted the best chocolate of the bunch. Dark but not too bitter and almost creamy in texture, we clearly were dealing with some high quality stuff. And while the slightly crisped dough was really very nice, it was this ingredient that helped the cookie to rank as third favorite of the 20 tasters.

Also appreciated was the fact that this high-quality chocolate—and there was a lot of it—was evenly distributed. You’d be amazed at how many bakeries fail to realize the importance of that.

One of the cookies costs $2.19.

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