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Seattle Food Blog Chain: Matthew Wright

An English expat blogs about photography, sausage-making, and the culinary jackpot that is our local seafood situation.

By Allyson Marrs June 13, 2011

Bonus: You get to feast on scrumptious food photos while you read Wrightfood.
Photo by Matthew Wright

Here’s the deal with the Seattle Food Blog Chain: Nosh Pit spotlights a Seattle food blogger, and then asks that blogger to point us in the direction of another food blogger of his/her choosing and…so on. We picked the first guy, mostly because we have a crush on his photos and because he makes his own charcuterie (badass). Also, he’s British.

About the blogger Matthew Wright, who has been calling Seattle home for nine years, is an artist for a video game company by day and a food lover by…well, day and night. And when it comes to food, he is anything but picky, saying he’ll eat anything except overcooked vegetables and food that’s "just plain unsafe."

Food, he says, "is a never ending road of learning and exploration. How can you not love that?”

Mini-review of the blog WrightFood is well-organized and service-driven, offering readers everything from one-step techniques to full-blown meal plans (plans that include recipes like seared halibut, flageolet beans with four-hour sofrito, garlic confit, and kale).

Level of commitment Wright says he spends an average of five hours per week keeping the blog fresh and full of stunning images.

Randomly selected quote "I was sitting around, eating some rillette and salad, and thought ‘some bloody lovely mustard would go so nicely with this’, and opened the fridge. You can imagine the utmost horror when I realized I was out of Dijon…."

Bookmark if You love the way the British curse, and who doesn’t? Also if you want to learn to make charcuterie, snap better food photos, or take advantage of Seattle seafood. In fact, it was our bountiful seafood supply that inspired Wright to start blogging in the first place. “You walk into one of our many great seafood markets and you have some fantastic sustainable fish choices that can really get your mind working,” he says. “Whilst I grew up near the coast I never had access to the quality of seafood we do here.”

Advice for aspiring food bloggers Keep it simple. Rather than trying to conquer the whole food universe, pick an area of focus and dive into it deeply. "Take a route which is interesting to you, even if it won’t make your blog popular to everyone," advises Wright.

Which online food scribe did Wright choose to be the next link in the blog chain? Check back here to find out.

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