UPDATE: Artusi Opening Date Delayed Again

The enoteca will not open June 6.

June 6, 2011

Artusi entrance. All photos were taken Friday, June 3 by master photographer Jessica Voelker.

Uh-oh: Jason Stratton says the opening has been delayed again. Stay tuned….

Now opening Monday, June 6 (if there is a delay it’s because of the fire marshall), Artusi is the new enoteca-style spot from the Spinasse people.

There will be food—10-12 small plates to start off. But this being a booze blog, I wanted to learn about the drinks. The chef, Jason Stratton, is mostly responsible for the cocktail menu, which will include the Bambi Warhol, a Vesper made with Cocchi Americano instead of Lillet.

But what is Stratton’s favorite among his cocktail creations? That would be the Miller’s Crossing.

Here’s how he described it:

"It’s common in certain parts of Italy to take balsamic vinegar to help you digest. Thinking about that concept…we have this really amazing vinegar made from black currant, it really tastes deeply of the fruit. I had also just tried Martin Miller’s gin for the first time. It’s so aromatic, light and lovely. So I was thinking about a cocktail that gets its acid from vinegar rather than citrus. There’s a touch of cassis, some Amaro Montenegro…it’s a very austere drink, but also very refreshing and aromatic."

Artusi will also showcase the visual-art skills of some of its staff. Stratton created the colorful abstract mural that will run the length of the restaurant…

Here’s the partly installed mural.

…and a bartender constructed ninety paper shades that will be hung along tracks on the ceiling.

Ceiling lights by a crafty bartender. On Friday they had yet to be installed, as you can see quite clearly and really don’t need me to explain.

"This is going to be my spot right here," said Stratton of the satellite kitchen in the back of Artusi. "We have the nine seats at the counter—sushi-bar style." Most of the dishes on Artusi’s initial menu will be served cold or at room temperature and can be prepared in advance. But down the road, there may be a special chef’s menu offered at the back bar.

Just noticed the guy ducking in the foreground of this photo. That’s ridiculous.

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