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Who Won Serafina’s Iron Bartender Competition?

Results here.

May 31, 2011

Serafina hosted a bartending competition to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The winner? One of its own.

In case you were curious, here are the results from Sunday’s Iron Bartender competition at Serafina and Cicchetti.

Don’t have any details yet (I’d love to know what drinks they made) but below is the order in which the five competiting bartenders—all were invited by the restaurant to compete—ranked in terms of votes.

There were no expert judges: Diners paid $75 to sample the bartender’s cocktails along with five dishes and vote on how well the drinks paired with the food.


First place: MacGregor Boswell from Serafina

Second place: Jay Kuehner from Sambar

Third place: Jared Scarr from Vito’s

Fourth place: Chelsea Anderson from Sun Liquor

Fifth place: Casey Robison from Barrio

So there you have that.

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