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You Are a Citizen of the Republic of Cascadia

…And this is your beer.

May 2, 2011

Photographer Erik Skaar took this photo of a luscious Hopworks Secession Cascadian dark ale from Oregon, sometimes available at Naked City in Greenwood.

Oh you didn’t know?

Seattle is part of the Republic of Cascadia, a nation formed from Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Its major export: beer.

Its leading rival: The greater San Diego area, I think.

Its signature beer: Cascadian dark ale, aka black IPA, aka American-style black ale. But if you’re an ROC national, you call it Cascadian dark ale.

I recently interviewed an Oregon brewer who is an authority on the matter, you can read that here.

And you really ought to try the beer, it’s mighty tasty.

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