Behold the Gourmet Push-Up

Art Restaurant revamps sherbet on a stick.

By Christopher Werner May 5, 2011

Art Restaurant’s push-ups will not look like this.

Gussied-up nostalgic treats have been a hit on the dessert circuit for years now, but a few childhood hallmarks have yet to get the gourmet treatment. So it once was with the push-up.

Many will recall the push-up as it appears in the picture to the left: a polka-dotted cylinder crammed with toxically Cheetoh orange sherbet that melted all too fast. Remember how ickily damp the cardboard container would get?

The push-ups Art Restaurant and Lounge will soon roll out are a bit different. The casing is clear, and the flavors (not to mention the colors, the one I saw was a rich purple) are decidedly less manufactured—the pastry team is using the bounty of the Northwest as inspiration for flavoring.

When the Four Seasons opens its pool at the end of the month [insert comment about the weather here], loungers will have the option of ordering the sherbet pops. Diners at the restaurant will also have dibs on mini versions.

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