Street Eatin'

Street Donuts Now Serving Doughnuts on the Streets of Downtown Seattle

Find the new cart on Pike and Second seven days a week.

By Christopher Werner May 27, 2011

Second Avenue is like, blowing up with street food.

The latest vendor to pull over there is Street Donuts, in the same lot that claims Maximus Minimus and Dog Japon. You’ll recall this quad is just one block south of another bundle of curb slingers set to open on June 1.

Street Donuts’ specialty is freshly made mini fried guys that come piled high with toppings (like Nerds!) of your choice. The cart just kicked off business last weekend, but employees say they’ve seen a steady flow of customers and are already fielding requests for large boxes of to-go orders.

Have a look-see at the menu below (Nerds!), or stop by weekdays 8am-5pm or 10am-5pm on weekends.

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