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Seattle Met Taste Test: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Twenty tasters, ten bakeries, three winners. And a lot of milk.

May 24, 2011


By Allyson Marrs, Tiffany Ran, and Christopher Werner

There are lots of trendy desserts out there, but it’s the classic chocolate chip cookie that always gets our sweet tooth. So in the interest of finding Seattle’s best ones, we chilled gallons of milk, corralled a panel of 20 tasters, and asked them to sound off as they tackled platefuls of the goodies.

We solicited submissions from bakeries all over town; the 10 represented here are the ones that chose to participate. Bakeries were asked to submit what they considered their closest representation of a traditional chocolate chip cookie. All but two notched a vote, but tasters responded most favorably to those that 1) maintained an even ratio of dough to chocolate and 2) mastered a crispy rim with a chewy-but-not-doughy middle. Chips that weren’t overly sweet also fared better.

To find out whose cookies took first, second, and third place, plus tasting notes and details on how to get your own plateful, click through the slideshow.

All photos by Lucas Anderson.

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