Seattle Beer Week

Seattle Beer Week Essentials: New Belgium at the Troll, Ninkasi (Cocktails!) at the Shelter

Here’s what’s up on day six.

May 24, 2011

So. Much. Beer.


Are you experiencing lucid dreams in which giant pints of beer are chasing you through darkened alleys, shouting out claims on your soul? It’s all part of beer week, friends.

Here are the picks for Tuesday, May 24.

Not to be missed: The Brewing Up Cocktails event at The Shelter Lounge from 7 to 10pm tonight: Ninkasi Brewmaster Jamie Floyd teams up with Ezra Johnson-Greenough and Jacob Grier, all from Portland. They will mix up beer cocktails for your drinking pleasure. (If you must miss it, Brewing Up Cocktails will be at Brouwer’s on Wednesday night with Hopworks.)

Bike up to the Fremont Troll tonight from 11 to 11:45pm and you can partake in cans from New Belgium Brewing.

Naked City invites West Puget Sound brewers to the bar tonight from 6 to 10pm, your chance to sample offerings from Silver City, Port Townsend, Hood Canal, Der Blokken, Sound, Slippery Pig, Valholl, and Slip Point.

It’s like some how-to-avoid-toxic-people self-help course, only it’s bad beer you’ll be avoiding: Jamie Mastin from New Belgium Brewing will be at Bottleworks from 3 to 6pm today to teach a primer on common defects in beer and how to identify them.

A duo of side notes:
1. I would have included the La Trappe event at Lot No. 3 tonight but it’s totally booked. If you want to put yourself on a list in case of cancellation, call 206-838-3853.

2. As always, find the complete list of SBW events here.

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