Seattle Beer Week Essentials: Hair of the Dog/Bockor Blend

Brewer Alan Sprints is blending a Bocker lambic with his own beers. You have one chance to try it.

May 4, 2011

A beer week must: Sprints’ mystery blend.

Seattle Beer News did an interview recently with one of the Seattle Beer Week founders, Ian Roberts of Brouwer’s, about Beer Week 2011.

One of the questions was: “Are there any new events for 2011 that you are especially excited about?”

Roberts’ response:
There will be two new things coming this year that I am very excited about and they both revolve around blending. The first of which is New Belgium’s Blending Symposium….The second thing I’m excited about, and not sure I’m supposed to talk about, is the blend that Alan Sprints will be doing during Beer Week. No event attached to that yet, and more details will come.

Intriguing, no?

I knew Alan Sprints was the founder of Hair of the Dog Brewing in Portland. So I called him up and asked him if he could tell me anything more. He said he hasn’t finished it yet, “but I can tell you I’m brewing some of my own beer with a Belgian lambic.”

What kind of lambic?
A Bockor lambic.

Oh man, Bockor.

Are you planning any specific events around it?
We’ll have that beer at Bottleworks on Sunday the 22nd. I only got a little of the Belgian beer, so it’s just a one-off.

And that’s all he’d tell me.

Hair of the Dog is doing another event for Beer Week at the Dray on Saturday, May 21. But Sprints will not be bringing the Belgian blend. In other words, friends: if you want to try this blend that Ian Roberts is so excited about, you have one opportunity. At Bottleworks. On the 22nd. That is all.

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