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Padma’s Hangover Cure

The good news: It doesn’t involve spin class.

May 16, 2011

Padma reveals her gin recovery recipe.

This isn’t really Seattle news, but when somebody says hangover cure, this blog listens. Especially when that someone is as seemingly good at life as Padma Lakshmi.

Here’s the hangover cure Lakshmi served (verbally) to NY Mag’s Grub street at a Manhattan Cocktail Classic party last night.

"You take 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C with two Advil and one liter of water. Consume that in entirety before you go to bed. And…a falafel. Or, an egg in a hole, with hot sauce…and preferably cheese. If you can follow those instructions, you might feel good enough to go to the gym the next day, which you should do. But don’t take a spin class. It’s too hard with all the music and those screaming women."

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